Friday, March 11th at 7:00 pm in the CCA Gym

Advanced* Adults-$6 Students-$4
 At-the-Door  Adults-$8 Students-$6
 Eagle's Nest Seating*  Adults-$10 Students-$8
 *Available at the School Office Call 301-729-0791

About the Play

    What is the big deal about Evolution and why are Christians so up in arms about it?

    The Academy of Arts will be performing “Creation, Evolution and The Flood” at Calvary Christian Academy on Friday, March 11th at 7:00pm.  This drama/multimedia presentation will take you through the biblical creation week and contrast it with evolutionary theory.  

    Our cast will be transformed into a classroom where you will learn as they do, the finger points of the Biblical account of Creation and how the fossil record supports the worldwide flood of the Bible.  The students will cut through the technical jargon and get to the real truth about our origins.

    You will see and hear Paul preach at Mars Hill challenging the philosophers of his day who believed philosophically in evolutionary theory before the phrase had even been coined.  You will be inspired as you see faithful Noah guide his family to build and seek refuge in the Ark, and you will thrill to hear the scriptures dramatically quoted and see the visual representations as the Bible comes to life before your eyes.

    If you have ever questioned your belief in the scriptures because of the oppositions of science, falsely so called, this is a presentation you won’t want to miss! 

    The program is the culmination of a week long Drama Seminar which has been conducted at the school by The Academy of Arts of Greenville, South Carolina.  The students will receive instruction in stage lighting, stage make-up, and acting.  The students will employ full costume, make-up, and professional stage lighting.