Children's Author Visit

Popular children's author, Martin Wach, visited CCA on May 7th.  In a general assembly, he entertained students from grades kindergarten through 7th with stories from his personal experiences in Suriname, South America, with the Maroon Indians.  Young imaginations blossomed as Mr. Wach described encounters with tarantulas, piranahs, bees and bats. 
Mr. Wach met with small groups of students throughout the day.  Fledgling authors learned how to develop ideas into stories and how to write a children's book.
For more information about Mr. Wach, illustrator Delia Bowman Wach, and the World's Largest Teddy Bear (Evan), visit
Among those who brought Mr. Wach to CCA and kept things running smoothly are Anita Comfort, Terri Snow, Kim Mason, Denise Ware, Dan Thompson, Jeremy Strother, Penny Vaughan, Cathi White, Tina Blank, Kim Heavner, Amy Klemm, Sonya Morgan, Cherie Hinkle,  Chris Freeburn, Krystal Mallery, Beth Erdman, Justin Heavner, Austin Heavner, Tyler Heavner, T. K. Evans, Khyle Klemm, Patrick Ware, Chloe Ware, Joanna Brackett, Caleb Fish,  and Lucas Lowery. Your efforts were key to creating a fun-filled day of learning about Mr. Wach and writing children's books.  Thank you!
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