Health and Safety Plan 20-21

Dear Parents,

Please read the attached letter and Health and Safety document that has been created to help us with opening school in a safe manner. It is very hard to strike a balance in something that has so many facets to it.

We are grateful for a team that has included professionals in the following areas: nurse practitioner, two nurses, pharmacist, two school board members, office staff, and faculty. Each one has spent many hours as a group creating the following documents that will help you make an informed decision concerning your child(ren) returning to CCA. Our desire is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our students and families. As you know, many things are changing, and it all can be a moving target. This is what has been created with the facts as we know them. Thank you for your patience. Please know that we are praying for a great school year.

As at any time, please contact the school office if we can help you or relay information to others who are interested in CCA.

Calvary Christian Academy Health and Safety Plan (1).pdf
COVID Cover Letter.pdf