Expected Student Outcomes

Character (John 13:34-35)

CCA seeks to develop students who demonstrate a Christlike character by ...

1.  Having a personal knowledge of Christ and a relationship with Him as their Savior.
2.  Actively living as a disciple of Christ by demonstrating the Fruits of the Spirit.
3.  Understanding, articulating, and practicing a biblical worldview.
4.  Responding to the needs of others.
5.  Going and making other disciples. 

Community (Philippians 2:3-5)

CCA seeks to develop students who display a commitment to the community and world by ...

1.  Passionately impacting their world for Christ.
2.  Being open to change (willing to listen) without compromising moral and biblical standards.
3.  Living sacrificially and contributing to society  as a good, responsible citizen.
4.  Respecting and honoring their country by demonstrating patriotism.
5.  Espousing biblical family values. 

Academics (Proverbs 9:10-11)

CCA seeks to develop students who exhibit competence in academics by ...

1.  Being well-rounded lifelong learners who think logically and critically.  
2.  Practicing good study habits, initiative, and a strong work ethic.
3.  Reading, writing, and computing effectively according to their abilities.
4.  Applying numeric, scientific, and financial principles with eternal values.  
5.  Being productive in the home, the workplace, and everyday life by continuing to build on the foundation laid by CCA.